Friday Feature: Delilah Trevino 2023

Friday Feature: Delilah Trevino
Posted on 08/25/2023
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Success and a new lunchbox for a new school year are just two of the things that drive Delilah Trevino’s passion for education. As the Director of Special Education for Edgewood ISD, Ms. Trevino works with students, teachers, and families to make sure students with disabilities have access to the tools to be great learners.

“It is very rewarding to see staff I am blessed to lead, interact with students, teachers, staff and parents so that they can contribute to a positive learning environment,” says Ms. Trevino.

Delilah Trevino has been part of the EISD family for more than 20 years.  For her, it really is a family affair.

“My sister spent her entire teaching career in Edgewood. She recruited me!” says Trevino. “She gave her all every day to the students in her classroom and her campus, doing anything to help them be successful. That is a goal I continue in my work today.”

Through her work with the Special Education department, Ms. Trevino works with people all across Edgewood ISD. She enjoys getting to see the dedication every educator brings to their role.

“Edgewood ISD is a community truly concerned about the children and families in the district,” says Ms. Trevino. “I’ve formed special relationships that give me the joy and energy to do my job to the best of my ability.”

With a new school year underway, Ms. Trevino is excited to see what challenges and opportunities await in the coming months.   

“As a student, I always entered the school year with a positive attitude and new pencils, pens, notebook paper, folders, and of course, in my elementary years, a new lunchbox,” says Trevino. “Funny, not much has changed for me as I start another school year – minus the lunchbox.”