Guidance & Counseling

The Counseling Services Department is responsible for the coordination, implementation, and evaluation of the elementary, middle, and high school comprehensive guidance and counseling program and social work services to effectively enhance the lives of students in the following areas: Academic Success, Career Exploration, and Social-Emotional Well-being for ALL students.

Counseling Services works closely with various district departments to ensure holistic services for all students: Advanced Academics, CCMR, CTE, Family Engagement, and Student Support Services.

Counseling Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
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jorge garcia

Director of Guidance & Counseling

Jorge Garcia

210-898-2048 | ext. 1058

Tania Perez

Counseling Coordinator 

Tania Perez

210-898-2048 | ext.8131

Lead Social Worker

Vivian Martinez


Mckinney-Vento Program Coordinator

Yulissa Pena


Elementary School Counselors

Elementary Schools

Gardendale Early Learning Program
Counselor - Courtney Valdez |  [email protected] | x2600

Henry B. Gonzalez Elem
Counselor - Victoria Bilano | [email protected] | x2734

Las Palmas Elementary School
Counselor - Maria Gauna | [email protected] | x3414
Social Worker - Lisa Nieves | [email protected] | x3425

L.B. Johnson Elementary School
Counselor - Leslie Ortiz | [email protected] | x3014 

Loma Park Elementary School
Counselor - Sharlie Esparza | [email protected] | x35XX
Counselor - Yesenia Luevanos | [email protected] | x35XX
Social Worker - Matthew Ortiz | [email protected] | x3553

Perales Elementary School
Counselor - Tricia Silva | [email protected] | x4028
Social Worker - Ashley Mendoza | [email protected] | x4018

Roosevelt Elementary School
Counselor - Rosanna Romero | [email protected] | x4130
Social Worker - Vivian Martinez | [email protected] | x4115

Roy Cisneros Elementary School
Counselor - Adriana Searcy | [email protected] | x2004

Stafford Elementary School
Counselor - Norma Ortiz | [email protected] | x4224
Counselor - Janie Rodriguez | [email protected] | x4224
Social Worker - Tamera Anderson | [email protected]

Winston Elementary School 
Counselor - Katie Burnett| [email protected] | x6143

Secondary School Counselors

Secondary Campuses

Brentwood Middle School

Counselor - Dr. Dottie Fonseca | [email protected] | x1709
Counselor - Elizabeth Hernandez | [email protected] | x17XX

Gus Garcia University Middle School

Counselor - Hilda Knight| [email protected] | x2846
Liliana Padilla- [email protected] | x2827

Wrenn Middle School 

Amanda Lopez - [email protected] | x6220
Tracy Gilbert - [email protected] | x6224

Edgewood STEAM Fine Arts Academy

Vicki Watts - [email protected] | x2218

John F. Kennedy High School

Lead Counselor - Stephanie Esparza [email protected] | x3124
Marva Friday - [email protected] | x3129
Karen Guajardo - [email protected]
Jamie Zimmerle - [email protected]
Daniel Ascencao, SEL - [email protected] | x3106

Memorial High School

Lead Counselor - Theresa Fisher - [email protected] | x3723
Ronda Villarreal-Echols - [email protected] | x3706
Carla Eads - [email protected] | x3783
Renee Reyes - [email protected] | x3720
Kristeena Dewberry, SSC - [email protected] | x3710

Learn4Life Counselor 
April Pina - [email protected] 210-898-2048

High School DREAM Centers
DREAM - Dedicated to Readiness in Employment, Academics and Military

The DREAM Center is the "go-to" place at high schools, where students and parents find post-secondary education, career and military information. The DREAM Center specialists and mentors facilitate the academic needs of high school students, striving to make the transition between high school and post-secondary options seamless.

Learn more here.

Counseling Services Department

Mission: Our mission is to provide exceptional support and guidance, empowering students for success in post-secondary education, employment, military readiness, and personal/social development, equipping them for a fulfilling life.  

Values Statement: We HELP every student succeed!


Harness Potential 

Empower Growth 

Leverage Opportunities 

Promote Well-being