New Online Hiring System Coming Soon!

Edgewood ISD is in the process of updating our applicant tracking system. Our previous Unified Talent-Applicant Tracking (TalentEd) online access link will change to Frontline Recruitment and Hiring effective Monday, January 30, 2023Interested applicants will have to apply using our new hiring system.

For applicants and employees who have bookmarked the Unified Talent-Applicant Tracking (TalentEd) page they frequently accessed, it’s important to note that this former link will no longer work after January 30, 2023. In the event an application is on file that holds a copy of their resume, transcripts, certifications, etc., it’s imperative that all applicants log into their Unified Talent-Applicant Tracking (TalentEd) profile on or before January 30, 2023, and retrieve these records for their benefit. Edgewood ISD will not transport any Unified Talent-Applicant Tracking (TalentEd) application information or upload documents into Frontline Recruiting & Hiring system.

Thank you for your interest in Edgewood ISD! If you have any questions about applying to Edgewood ISD, please email us at [email protected] or call 210-898-2020.


Evolve with Edgewood

We are happy your career search led you to the Edgewood Independent School District. We provide a safe work environment that focuses on the whole well-being of our staff and students. At Edgewood, we all work towards enriching and improving our students' futures. Whether you educate students in the classroom, transport students to and from campus, provide food, or a safe and healthy environment for our students, we all are #EdgewoodUnited.

Our story blends together vibrant traditions with innovative solutions. We seek out talent that aligns with our core values of Professionalism, Accountability, and Communication.

Our Focuses

Focus on Employees

Edgewood ISD continues improving recruitment processes to attract and support new and current employees. Below are some of the opportunities for EISD employees to develop skills and succeed.

New Teacher Academy

EISD gives additional time and resources to introduce new teachers to the field so that they develop skills and habits for success.

Professional Development

EISD has several days throughout the academic year for all employees to hone their craft,  learn new processes and software, and build camaraderie.

Teacher Incentive Allotment 

National Board Recognized Teachers have the opportunity to earn an additional stipend to potentially earn a six-figure salary. Edgewood Independent School District is applying for the Teacher Incentive Allotment Cohort D (first allotment year 2022-2023).

District of Choice

EISD currently has 10 Schools of Innovation with more to come! Edgewood not only gives students a choice of which subject area they'd like to study, but allows campus staff to also apply for areas where they thrive. EISD's 5 Innovation Zones are Early Childhood, STEAM, Fine Arts, Public Service, and Leadership.

Focus on Student Success

Edgewood ISD offers a wide variety of academic offerings and community programs aimed to benefit student well being in all areas. Below are just some of the highlighted programs we offer students and their families:

Focus on Innovation
We're on the edge of innovation every day in Edgewood ISD. Learn more about the future of EISD.

Meet our Superintendent

Discover our 5 Innovation Zones

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