Library Media Services


The Team
Brad Cloud

Brad Cloud

Director of Instructional Technology

Emma Frey Academic Service Center

900 S. San Eduardo, Building 1

San Antonio, TX 78237

O: 210-898-2058 | In-district Ext. 1036




Joseph Duffy

Lead Librarian

Email | 210-898-4210
Mon. - Wrenn | Tues. - Las Palmas | Wed. - Stafford VPA | Thurs. - Cisneros | Fri. - Fine Arts Academy

Jaime Bagwell


Email | 210-898-4130
Mon. - Winston | Tues. - Brentwood| Wed. - Gardendale | Thurs. - Perales | Fri. - Alternating campuses

Jeannie Hewgley


Email | 210-898-4160
Mon. - Gus Garcia | Tues. - LBJ | Wed. - HBG | Thurs. - Roosevelt | Fri. - Loma Park


Tom Moore

Librarian of Kennedy High School

Email | 210-898-4100

Catherine Bernstein

Librarian of Memorial High School

Email | 210-898-4110

Our Goals

Our Goals

To provide an information center for the school, which will ensure that students and staff will become effective users of information. To achieve this goal librarians, will implement the following objectives:

  1. Make available current resources that will: broaden the students’ knowledge and experience
    1.  meet the students’ needs for recreational and educational reading, viewing and listening
    2. stimulate growth in knowledge, library appreciation and cultural values
    3. meet the needs of students with varied educational levels, abilities, and interests
    4. support and enhance district curricula
  2. Help students develop and promote
    1. reading and literacy
    2. a positive attitude toward libraries
    3. lifelong learning skills
    4. habits of inquiry and skill in self-directed study
    5. the use of various technological tools
  3. Provide access to the LMC resources through:
    1. flexible hours which provide access before and after school
    2. encouragement of use of LMC resources by students, faculty and community members

To achieve these objectives, the library media specialist will:

  • be active in school committees and functions
  • promote and develop a pleasant and attractive LMC environment which stimulates
    reading, active learning, viewing, and research
  • have membership in professional organizations
  • work cooperatively with teachers to obtain input for selection of materials which enrich the curriculum through a variety of media
  • work cooperatively with teachers to plan and teach units of study which are coordinated and integrated into the school curriculum
  • provide students with critical thinking skills and information retrieval skills
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