Leader of the PAC - September 2022

Leaders of the PAC - September 2022
Posted on 09/20/2022
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[Narrator] It's Friday night in San Antonio Texas and for Lizette Casas that means one thing –football. But this football season looks a little different. Charged by the sounds of BBQs firing up and music playing the parking lot outside Veterans Stadium is bustling with a tailgate.

[Lizet] “Today we're having a tailgate for our seniors and we're also here to support, of course our football team.”

[Narrator] For many in attendance this popular football tradition is a new experience and an unfamiliar scene.

[Lizet] “Some of the students don't know what tailgating is. They've never been to a tailgating event but a lot of them are curious, and a lot are really willing to come and try it out. And then also to support their classmates because this is also a fundraiser for them.”

[Narrator] For Lizet, who is the Gear Up Coordinator at Memorial High School, this event was months in the making and something she advocated strongly for.

[Lizet] “Through training that I received with Gear Up one of our partners schools actually hosted a tailgate last year and they said it was very successful so I asked Mr. Elizondo if he would be willing to allow us to do it for our campus. He agreed. I asked the City of San Antonio if they would allow us to use Kennedy Park and they very graciously said ‘yes’ and even waived the fees for it.”

[Narrator] Proud product of the campus she now works at, Lizette is passionate about her students and community. In a time when COVID changed the way people work learn and celebrate she was determined to see her students work towards their big dreams and celebrate their accomplishments.

[Lizet] “This event is important because we want to celebrate our seniors. they're the class that has had very little celebration at the high school because of covid years. But we also wanted to introduce them to colleges and universities in a fun way
prepare them what they're going to experience when they go to college.”

[Narrator] Like many Edgewood ISD teachers, Mr. Rene Diaz, loves his job. But look right outside his window and you'll spot something that makes him stand out amongst his peers.

[Rene] “A few years ago, I was teaching fourth grade and the students they were playing soccer in the little field outside. The only thing is though they were using the gym door as the goal and they're trying to defend the door. I've always had in my mind that I wanted to get soccer nets for the students and we're getting together, the principal and I back there but then COVID happened it's kind of a placed on the back burner. This school
Year, I was like you know what we need to start going back to normal so we raised some funds and they went to purchased goals and balls for the students to play with.”

[Narrator] In between the day's lesson plan you'll find the students enjoying a game of soccer during their recess. Something made possible by this reading and social studies teacher.

[Rene] “The kids are all watching there's other classes playing they were excited to see they're just there watching and as a matter of fact playing soccer kicking the balls to each other there. so as soon as we're done call them over ‘hey guys, come test it out’ and one came kicked it make the first goal and we all celebrated like it was Messi scoring in the World Cup and the kids were so excited. So it's been outside ever since.”

[Narrator] For Rene, who started his educational career at Edgewood ISD over five years ago, this act of kindness is personal.

[Rene] “Aw, it makes me feel good that's why we do it you know. Giving the kids the tools to learn. I never played soccer because I never had soccer net. I never played basketball because I don't have a basketball court. But just providing those resources here for the students to learn new things. Even if you're a soccer player or if it's your first time picking a ball and just learning new things for these students and just seeing them out there having fun is nice. And they're right outside my window so I get to hear them playing and it's I hear that and that brings me joy you know I love kids laughing and playing.”

[Narrator] It’s the start of a new day at Roosevelt Dual Language Academy. And for its head custodian, that day starts at five a.m. With no room for snoozing.

Meet Mr. Joe Reyes, a familiar face at Roosevelt. This longtime EISD employee is usually the first person students see when arriving at school, and the last one they see when leaving.

[Joe] “At 7:15 we start opening the doors, and I know just about every kids’ name, and they all know me. I’ve pretty much known them all since kinder,” said Joe.

[Narrator] And in the afternoon when his whirlwind day stops for a moment, Mr. Joe takes time to help. Whether it’s telling them what’s on the menu for the day, opening a carton of milk, or even tying their shoes. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his kiddos.

[Narrator] Spend some time with Joe and you’ll quickly learn just how much his students mean to him. It was 24-years ago that he began his career at EISD, and with retirement in his near future, he already has plans to return to Roosevelt to help.

[Joe] “Will see in two more years, and if I do retire I plan on coming back tand sub or help around. I don’t want to leave my kiddos. It’s very nice to come in and see them arrive in the morning, and see them leave in the afternoon,” said Joe.

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