EISD Officer a Local Hero

EISD Officer a Local Hero
Posted on 03/03/2022
This is the image for the news article titled EISD Officer a Local Hero Edgewood ISD Police Officer Garrett Hardwick was finishing his lunch break when he overheard a yell for help. It was a women frantically asking for someone to assist her husband who choking on his food. As a Certified Fire and EMS Tech with 12 years experience, Officer Hardwick knew exactly what to do. He jumped into swift action and performed the lifesaving Heimlich maneuver on the man, who was around 80 years old. 

“I had to act quickly. The man was seat belted into his wheelchair and I had to unbuckle that first. I then lifted him up from his chair and performed the Heimlich.” Officer Hardwick said. “After that the blockage in his airway came out pretty quick and we heard him catch his breath.” 

Thankfully the man is expected to be okay and EMS was called to check on the his condition. The man’s wife was extremely grateful to Officer Hardwick for helping – a feeling that made him smile. 

“It was a different feeling saving this gentleman. I was able to see his recovery full circle. In my past as an EMT, we would escort our patients to the hospital and be on our way. This time I saw the man leave the restaurant with his wife and knew he was going to be okay. It’s a great feeling.” 

Officer Hardwick graduated from the Police Academy in 2020 and has been with Edgewood ISD for over 5 months. He says he's thankful for the CPR training he’s received and encourages everyone to go out and do the same. 

“No matter what you learn, always be prepared to use it. Get your CPR certification or get re-certified because it could save someone’s life.”