Classroom Web

All Classroom teachers are expected to have a Classroom website. This website allows parents and students to stop in, visit, and get more information about your class. Your classroom web should be a virtual extension of our actual classroom that allow your students to stay current with the class.

Each classroom web comes pre-populated with several commonly used blank templates called a teacher bundle.
These include:

  • Welcome Page - Serves as a portal to your classroom. This page should reflect a virtual version of your room and can include subject information, schedules, conference periods, etc.
  • Meet the Teacher Page - This is the "about me" page. This is where you can give information about yourself to help your parents and students to become more familiar with who you are. This area also provides a space for you to list your credentials, your email address, and to include a picture or avatar of yourself.

Teachers will need to add information, update, and publish the Welcome Page and the Meet the Teacher Page before the first day of school. The pages listed below are part of your classroom web, but can be populated, edited and published as needed throughout the school year. If pages are not ready to be seen by the public, turn off the page from viewing by clicking on the green status (ACTIVE) button beside each page in the Site Manager editor. This will make the status INACTIVE until you are ready to edit and publish that page. Just click on the tan status button (INACTIVE) to return the page to ACTIVE status.

  • Classroom Calendar - Serves as an events calendar for your class. Any event placed on the Classroom Calendar will be viewable on the Welcome Page in the Upcoming Events section on the right margin of the page. Events placed by you in the Classroom Calendar can also be pushed to the Campus Calendar and will appear on the front page of the campus website.
  • Class Assignment Page - This is a great place for teachers to publish assignments to help students keep up with the classroom work. The Assignment Page also serves as a means to help parents keep informed on what work students need to complete and by what deadline.
  • Instructional Resource Page - This page is a great place to place information, documents, techniques, strategies, lessons, tutorials, and other resources for parents and students to refer back to when they need help or more information.
  • Student Showcase Page - This is where you can show off your student's work. You can post picures of students working in class cooperatively and you can post pictures of their work or the actual assignment. Be sure not to post last names of students, teacher comments on the work, or assignment grades. Be sure to also follow all FERPA rules when posting student work and respect student privacy.
  • Helpful Links Page - This is a great page to post links to other websites and resources you want your students to have access to at any time. The Links App on this page can be combined with the documents App on the Instructional Resource Page if you want to combine pages.
  • Class Blog - Help your students become better communicators using 21st Century tools. Or, use the Blog App to communicate with parents. Either way, this page allows you to set up two-way communication with others and to share their thoughts, concerns, and questions with everyone.
  • Podcasting Page - Make a video of a lesson and post it to the Podcasting Page! Or, make a video of your class and share it. The Podcasting Page gives you a place to host, store, and organize all of your video and audio recordings. App is limited to MP3, MP4, and M4A formats.
  • Wiki Page - Use the Wiki App to create collaborative content project for your website. You could create a wiki at the start of a topic or lesson, for example, and have students add information to it as they learn it. Or, you could use the wiki as a collaborative learning tool where students could create learning wikis and teach each other about a topic.