Our Police Department Personnel


Chief of Police

Jesse Quiroga #100


Jose Gonzalez #102

Chief's Administrative Assistant

Ashley Munoz #42

School Resource Officers


School Resource Officers, commonly referred to as SRO's, are assigned to secondary and special school campuses and work closely with administrators to ensure the safety of students and staff during the school day. SRO's handle all incidents that require police action at their campus which includes, but is not limited to, reports for criminal activity. The primary focus of the School Resource Officer is to ensure a safe learning environment for the students of their assigned campus.

Campus Sergeant

V. Vela #302

Campus Corporal

J. Terrazas #208



MHS Officer M. Gomez #30 / Officer K. Salazar #29

Fine Arts/DEAP 

Gus Garcia MS Officer A. Garcia #16

Brentwood MS Officer G. Herrera #31

Wrenn MS 

Gardendale Officer D. Romero #15

Loma Park Officer G. Hernandez #34

Roy Cisneros  Officer Z. Vera-Ramos #12



Patrol Officers


Patrol Officers protect the life and property on all Edgewood ISD campuses and on any property owned or controlled by the Edgewood Independent School District. Patrol Officers monitor school zones to ensure pedestrian safety, respond to alarms at EISD buildings and randomly check all district facilities on a 24 hour basis. Patrol Officers also investigate traffic accidents occurring on District property and assist other law enforcement agencies in the investigation of crimes on EISD property, as necessary. Patrol Officers are the primary response units to Edgewood ISD elementary schools during school hours and assist SRO's at their campuses.


Patrol Sergeant

R. Blanquiz #303

Patrol Corporal

H. Reyes #210 


Patrol Officer J. Macias #10
Patrol Officer J. Cradoct #11
Patrol Officer R. Casillas #28

K9 Officers


The EISD Police Department established the K-9 Unit in 2014. The mission of the K-9 Unit is to support both, Patrol and Campus Divisions and assist in criminal investigations involving narcotics violations and criminal apprehensions. The majority of what the K-9 Unit is utilized for is Narcotics Detection.

K-9 Officer

S. Sanchez #23


Lexi #120

Safety & Security/ EOP/Community Resource Officers


V. Galvan #301


R. Orozco #211



Community Resource Center

The Edgewood ISD Police Department Community Resource Center (Rogena Reed-Caver Center) is located in Edgewood at 216 Purcell Street San Antonio, Texas. The Community Resource Center helps families, senior citizens, and teens in need. If you find yourself needing a bit of help, please reach out to us.

What We Offer:
Laundry mat (limited to 3 loads per week)
Food Pantry
Clothing Closet for families and babies

ommunity Resource Center
Corporal R. Orozco #211
210-898-2025 / 210-436-9156
Referral & appointment preferred
walk-ins welcomed.



As the centralized command center of the department, these men and women maintain control of daily department operations. These professionally trained telecommunicators answer calls for police service, take complaints from the community and direct them to the appropriate personnel for action. The telecommunicators monitor EISD's alarm system and dispatch officers to respond to alarms as needed. They are also responsible for regulating radio traffic on the police radio system. The telecommunicators utilize a Computer Aided Dispatch system where they enter calls for service and track the locations of officers and activities as they are occurring.

All operators are trained as telecommunication personnel and certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education.



A. Munoz #42


Dispatcher G. Rodriguez #43
Dispatcher T. Escobar #41
Dispatcher A. Lopez #40