Introduction to Office 365

Office 365

Edgewood ISD is a Microsoft Office 365 district! Office 365 is a set of products designed to be accessed through the Internet. A few of the products we utilize are Outlook Web App (email and calendar), and OneDrive for Business (online file storage). Below you will find information and links related to these products.

Anyone with an Office 365 account has access to 5 free licenses of the Office Suite of Products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, etc.) to put on any computer they choose. To download your licenses of Office simply follow the instructions here.

Office 365 for Students

For more information on Student Office 365 Accounts click here.

Outlook Email Web App


Large Mailbox: 50GB
Deleted Items Folder: Messages remain in your deleted items for 30 days and then are automatically and permanently deleted
Ability to send LARGE attachments: You are able to send 25MB attachments
URL to login: (username example: [email protected])

Accessing Office 365 Outlook Email Web App - PDF

Configuring Office 365 Email on iPad/iOS Device

Office 365 EMail on Android Phone

OneDrive For Business


OneDrive for Business is a new place to keep your documents and other files. Data stored on your OneDrive for Business is accessible to you from anywhere you login, home, school, work, or mobile. Only you have access to your files, however you can easily share files with your co-workers and students. For more information on using your OneDrive for Business and the Office Web Software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote) please click here.

Introduction to OneDrive for Business

How to Create, Edit, and Save Office 365 Documents Online

Downloading FREE Microsoft Office on Personal Computers

Office Apps for Mobile Devices


The Microsoft Office apps can be downloaded from the App Store and/or the district's Self Service App. All staff and students with an Office 365 account, have access to use the Office apps. Files created using a mobile device can be saved to One Drive for Business and be accessed from a computer or another mobile device.

How to activate and login to the Office Apps

Office 365 Productivity Tools


Office 365 has some amazing tools inside of their online environment. These tools can be found in what we affectionately refer to as The Waffle! Here you can find a myriad of tools such as OneNote, Class Notebook, Sway, Forms, Planner, Stream and much more. Our hope is to make these programs more accessible for all employees in the District.

Microsoft Forms - Check out this video tutorial on how to use Forms to help you gather information

Microsoft Office Software


District computers have been re-imaged to Windows 10 with Microsoft Office. You may have grown accustomed to using the older version of Office and there will be a small learning curve while you adjust to the newer Office Software such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. Below are several free resources available to the district in which you can research and learn more about Microsoft Office software.

GCF Learn Free.Org Windows 10 Resources

learning tools
Microsoft Learning Tools are free tools that implement proven techniques to improve reading and writing for learners regardless of their age or ability.
Learning Tools to Improve Reading and Writing
Learning Tools in Word Online
Learning Tools in Edge Browser
Immersive Reader
Learning Tools in Word

Microsoft Translator helps bridge communication gaps by supporting accessible classroom learning with live captioning, cross-language understanding, and even multilingual casual conversations to help with student integration.

Translator Website Live Feature
Translator Live Help Resources
PowerPoint Translator Add In
Using Translate Feature in Word, Excel, PowerPoint