Rogena Reed & Carver Community Resource Center

Located at 216 Purcell Street | 210-436-9156

Offered at Officer Rogena Reed & Carver Community Resource Center:

  • Food Pantry - Offering food to families in crisis. Pantry is available to seniors once a week and for families twice a month. We also offer snack bags to children on Seasonal Breaks from school.
  • Laundrymat - Offering families, seniors, and teens the ability to wash their laundry, free of charge. Laundry soap and dryer sheets are provided upon request.
  • Clothing Closet - Offering clothes to the entire family. Multigenerational clothing is offered once a month. Accessories such as shoes, socks, underwear, and seasonal items are provided throughout the year.
  • Baby Item Closet - Offering clothing, Diapers, Wipes, and baby furnishings. Accessories and toys are also provided. All items are lovingly offered to moms and families raising infants.

  • Referrals preferred
  • Appointments are taken first
  • Walk-ins welcome