The Payroll Department is here to assist Edgewood employees. Some of the most common requests we help with are:

  • Copies of wage statements and W2s
  • Will only email copies to the email address that is on file in TXEIS
  • Change withholdings on W4
  • Change or add direct deposit bank information* 
  • TXEIS Employee Portal
*Employees may come in for copies of their time from TimeClock, but everyone has access to print one out for themselves.

**Please bring your ID

Payroll Staff


Nina Cisneros
Financial Specialist

Google Voice (Temporary Number):  515-992-9288
Phone: 210.898.4000 ext. 7031

Matilda Gomez
Financial Specialist

Google Voice (Temporary Number):  951-663-4218
Phone: 210.898.4009 ext 4559

Lisa Converse
Financial Specialist

Google Voice (Temporary Number):  413-251-9903
Phone: 210.898.4000 ext 7030

Jacob Guerra
Jacob Guerra

Assistant Business Manager

Phone: (210) 898-4006
ext. 4514