Total Eclipse 2024

EISD Prepares for Total Eclipse 2024
Posted on 03/22/2024
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Solar Eclipse - Monday, April 8, 2024

The northwest part of San Antonio will be in the path of the total eclipse on April 8, 2024. During this event, the moon's shadow will completely cover the sun, turning daylight into darkness for a short period. It's truly an incredible phenomenon that Our EISD community is fortunate enough to experience.

EISD will seize the opportunity and ensure that all students and staff engage in school-based activities that align with this once in a lifetime event. It's a unique chance to incorporate educational activities related to the solar eclipse and provide a comprehensive understanding of its significance. Safety is the top priority and campuses will take necessary precautions to ensure everyone remains safe during this exciting experience.

Over 2,000 Solar Viewing glasses donated and purchased, with more on the way!

Eye Safety for Total Solar Eclipses

Here are some important safety guidelines to follow during a total solar eclipse.

  • View the Sun through eclipse glasses or a handheld solar viewer during the partial eclipse phases before and after totality.
  • You can view the eclipse directly without proper eye protection only when the Moon completely obscures the Sun’s bright face – during the brief and spectacular period known as totality. (You’ll know it’s safe when you can no longer see any part of the Sun through eclipse glasses or a solar viewer.)
  • As soon as you see even a little bit of the bright Sun reappear after totality, immediately put your eclipse glasses back on or use a handheld solar viewer to look at the Sun.

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  • Map of Texas during the solar eclipse