Strengthening the Social & Emotional Well Being of EISD Employees

Strengthening the Social & Emotional Well Being of EISD Employees
Posted on 04/26/2021
This is the image for the news article titled Strengthening the Social & Emotional Well Being of EISD EmployeesLibby Spears, Certified Strengths Coach, is helping EISD employees find their strengths mindset with the introduction of her Self-Management Series. A part of the series is hosted live on Instagram, is shorter in duration and invites viewers to gain expert knowledge on how to practice empathy, finding self-awareness and holding space for others.

Educators need to know now more than ever that they work they are doing matters and because our teachers care deeply for their students and families, Libby says that it can be tough to pour from an empty cup.

“What we are doing now has opened up a window to have conversations that are driven by empathy and vulnerability,” said Libby. “A sense of community allows us to have moments where people are courageous enough to talk through the hard stuff that comes with leadership during times of disruption and uncertainty.”

A second part of the Self-Management series are 1 hour Power Hours sessions. EISD employees are invited via Zoom to take a deep dive into finding their confidence and becoming a better leader.

“I have to be real with you guys. The power hours with Libby Spears are incredible! She’s given me a lot of coping skills, pep talks, and most of all... she validates how you feel and helps teach you how to harness those feelings and turn them into power,” tweeted LBJ Elementary teacher Jessica Kane.

At Edgewood ISD, we are grateful for the inspiration and refreshing insight Libby Spears brings to the table. She has shared her words of wisdom at past convocations and leadership retreats which makes her a part of the Edgewood family.

“I applaud the leadership team at EISD for their willingness to invest time, money, and resources to take good care of their people. When we come together and learn, grow, and transform that benefits everyone.”

Stay tuned for future dates for Instagram live sessions and power hours with Libby.