Holdsworth Center Selects Edgewood ISD

Holdsworth Center Selects Edgewood ISD
Posted on 06/22/2023
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Edgewood ISD is dedicated to helping every child be successful in life. That dedication extends to the people who help lead the district and schools. The Holdsworth Center is also dedicated to training leaders and has selected EISD as one of 13 school districts to join the Holdsworth Leadership Collaborative.

The 18-month program will help EISD create a pipeline of leaders, ready to take on new roles and responsibilities when opportunities arise. The Austin-based nonprofit is focused on leadership in public education and believes Edgewood ISD is a perfect fit for the program.

“Edgewood ISD demonstrated a strong commitment to developing principals and a growth mindset around learning new concepts,” said Dr. Lindsay Whorton, president of The Holdsworth Center. “Great leaders draw out the best in people and inspire them to achieve the unimaginable. Every student in EISD deserves a strong principal at the helm of their school.” 

EISD Superintendent Dr. Eduardo Hernandez and two district leaders will work with the Holdsworth Collaborative staff to define what “great leaders” will look like for EISD. They will then use the definition to create methods and structures to build up the principal pipeline.  Strengthening principals can bring about positive change in schools, as they impact the working atmosphere and skill of every teacher on their campus.
"We don't believe there are any quick fixes in education. Investing in the skill and capacity of the people working in our schools is the only way we will see true transformation," says Whorton. 
According to Holdsworth, since 2017, they have served more than 1300 educators in 50 districts across the state. Nestled on the West Side of San Antonio, Edgewood ISD serves nearly 10,000 students through more than 20 programs and schools. EISD was officially established in 1950.