Friday Feature: Jessica Kane

Friday Feature: Jessica Kane
Posted on 10/06/2023
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“I choose Edgewood because I feel like I’m making an impact.”

As she walks the halls at Roosevelt Dual Language Academy, Jessica Kane knows she’s found her place. As she gets more familiar with her new role, she cherishes the time she gets to spend in the classroom.

“As a teacher, I only saw the students in my classes or in passing. Now, I get to see the entire school every day,” says Kane.  “I get to laugh with the students at lunch. I get to help the students when they are having a hard day, and I get to support teachers in a way I’ve never been able to before.”

Kane feels at time, like she “fell” into education almost by accident. Now, she chooses to be part of Edgewood ISD because of the incredible children and families and the educators se gets to work with. She remembers the one teacher who helped change how she felt about herself and she hopes one day she’ll be able to be that person for another student.

“I had a teacher when I was in high school [who] never made me feel like a problem child, like so many had before her,” says Kane.  “She never treated my ‘hyper-self’ like an issue; She made me feel like being ‘too much’ was exactly what I needed to be, and I have kept that attitude every day since.”  

Kane grew up in England. One of her best memories is from an exchange trip to Germany where she learned to speak German. At first, she barely spoke the language, and unbeknownst to her, the experience helped lay the groundwork for her role with Edgewood.  

“It’s funny because now I work at the Dual Language Academy, and I barely speak any Spanish,” says Kane. “It takes me back to being that scared little kid, terrified of offending someone, and not understanding what people are saying half the time. Don’t worry, though! I’ve enlisted the help of some students.”

¡Buena suerte señora Kane!