Fine Arts Academy Scholars Earn Superior Ratings

Fine Arts Academy Scholars Earn Superior Ratings
Posted on 03/25/2022
This is the image for the news article titled Fine Arts Academy Scholars Earn Superior RatingsFine Arts Academy students did phenomenal in the virtual Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) competition held in early February 2022.

This year, seven students sent in their artworks to be judged on a standards-based rubric (1 -below average to 4 -superior) for originality, interpretation, and technical expertise. 

Robert Asher, art teacher at Fine Arts Academy, says he understands how difficult the past years have been for his students and describes them as ‘extremely talented.’

“Our students have been through so much with COVID-19 and schooling, but they continue to thrive. They channeled their emotions through these art pieces and to see their creativity and talent shine through really makes me appreciate what I get to do every day.”

We are so proud of our budding artists! Great job and way to make us #EdgewoodProud!

Not pictured: 

Brianna Villareal- Division 4
Hazel Sierra- Division 4
Susie Flores- Score -51
Serina Garces - Division 4
Stacy Luna- Division 4
Mia Montalvo -Division 4

Read about our students and their artwork below. Graphic is numbered by student.


#1 - Michael Montalvo, Junior, Scored Superior- 4

Created a self-portrait illustrating an upbringing in a religious household. The artist plays on the fascinating portrayal of Christianity and brings to the forefront the challenges one faces in that same light.

#2 - Gaby Hernández, Junior, Scored Superior - 4 

Created a portrayal of a childhood upbringing. The artist brought in pieces of childhood like stuffed animals and colorful play area mats. The piece also tells a story of how childhood isn’t always happy by incorporating tears on the sun and puzzle pieces struggling to be completed on the subject's head.

In addition, the artist created a self-portrait inspired from the children’s book, A Bad Case of the Stripes. Color mixtures represent the negative perspectives that come with being an emotional being. Flowers are also incorporated as a reminder for people to stop and smell the roses when dark thoughts come to mind.

#3 - Jasmine Mitchelle, Sophomore, Scored Superior - 4 
Using acrylic paint and canvas, the artist brought to life a personal favorite - singer and persona, Oddly Shrugs. The artwork is an interpretation of the subject's individuality and the confidence when expressing himself.

#4 - Alexander Beltran, Junior, Scored 57

The artist had a lot of ideas and needed to map out where everything would go on the canvas. The artwork represents life, religion, and beauty with depictions of angels, roses, religious pieces and more. The artist says the piece took 3 weeks to complete.

#5 - Serenity Diaz, Sophomore, Scored Superior - 4  

Used watercolor to capture the emotion of being overrun by the world around us. The artist says that during COVID, it felt as if we couldn't catch a break and felt overrun by stress. Incorporated into the piece was the artist's favorite color purple, and a portrayal of how we see ourselves in a negative light to include mismatched eyes and crooked lips.

#6 - Arath Quintanilla, senior, Scored 60

Inspired by love and religion, the artist wanted to include their passion for photography. The artist's clothing was handmade after an impromptu sewing lesson from art teacher, Ms. Limon. Makeup was applied by a friend, Alexandra Martinez who the artist would like to personally thank. The makeup was intentionally applied heavy because of the negative connotation that follows with heavy makeup. The papers plastered to the wall represented religious testaments that were instilled on the artist growing up Mexican American.

#7 - Aleah Duquette, Junior, Scored Superior - 4   

Created a representation of how the artist views themselves - a quiet, peaceful aura with a calm and minimal appearance. Mechanical pencils, blenders and an eraser were used to achieve this look. Challenges faced with using mechanical pencils was finding a happy medium of pressure when it came to shading.