Edgewood ISD Celebrates Art

Art Celebrated in Edgewood ISD
Posted on 10/27/2022
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This month Edgewood ISD celebrates National Arts and Humanities Month (NAHM). The Americans for the Arts launched NAHM more than 30 years ago to recognize the importance of culture in America. The goals of National Arts and Humanities Month are: 

  1. Focusing on equitable access to the arts at local, state, and national levels;
  2.  Encouraging individuals, organizations, and diverse communities to participate in the arts;
  3.  Allowing governments and businesses to show their support of the arts; and
  4.  Raising public awareness about the positive impact of the arts and humanities in our communities and lives.

Edgewood ISD is proud to support the humanities and arts in all our schools. Edgewood's Fine Arts Innovation Zone specializes in various art forms from painting to sculpture, acting to digital design, and so much more. Students can start their art exploration here in Edgewood as early as kindergarten. Learn more about our Fine Arts Zone and the three campuses that are a part of it.

child painting

Why is Art important?

  • “Quality access to fine arts should never be a luxury. This is why it is important to hold students in fine arts classes accountable, with expectations that are equal to those in their academic classes. For some of these students, fine arts will be more than a hobby--it could be their career in the future! Nurturing those students, and really providing them quality fine art education contributes to their overall fulfillment of self. Even though fine arts have many cognitive and emotional benefits, as a respected field of discipline, it is so much more than that and that is why highlighting fine arts is so important.” - Andrea Garcia, Fine Arts Academy 
  • “Art is a mirror for students. They are able to not only see themselves though viewing and making art, but it can also help them see the world around them with a little more clarity and creativity.” - Laura Steavenson, Fine Arts Academy 
  • “Art helps us express our emotions without words. It can help us deal with difficult realities and process complex feelings and find relief.” - Joanne Limon, Fine Arts Academy 
  • “The arts are important in our schools because they teach students important life skills; problem solving, communication, flexibility, and innovation.” - Claudia Casso, Fine Arts Academy 
  • “Fine arts programs foster growth in students that extend to every other subject area. Many studies have shown that vibrant fine arts programs have improved student achievement in every other subject area.” Jonathan Wright, Wrenn Middle & Fine Arts Academy 

What art projects are students working on?

  • At Stafford Visual and Performing Arts Elementary, students are preparing their piano, dance, and choir performances for the Stafford Ribbon Cutting event coming up in early November. 
  • At Wrenn Middle School, Ms. Castile’s Theatre students are writing a short essay about a lost loved one and creating an original sugar skull. They will share that story, along with a picture on their Ofrenda for Día de los Muertos.”  
  • At Edgewood Fine Arts Academy, the theatre production of ‘Our Town’ is underway at the Fine Arts Academy. There will be auditions for the upcoming musical ‘Mamma Mia!’ led by Theatre Arts teacher, Ms. Casso. 
  • At Fine Arts Academy, art students in Ms. Limon’s class will create a Hispanic cultural artifact pop art using oil pastels. Her students are also mounting artwork and setting up ofrendas.  
  • Ms. Garcia’s Piano and Choir classes are preparing music for their fall concert. They also will have a small group performing at the Día de los Muertos festival on October 28 at Fine Arts Academy. 
  • Fine Arts Academy English students are analyzing painting that connect to the poetry they are reading in class. The campus’ Writing Club is engaging in personal creative writing projects weekly. “Most recently, students have been writing poetry inspired by the romantic and gothic poets of the mid 1800s or working on creating their own myths. Personally. I have a variety of visual art projects I work on outside of school including ink and digital drawings,Ms. Steavenson comments. 

theatre performance

How can families support and incorporate art at home?

  • Ask how your student is enjoying their particular art or performing arts class.
    •   “If they play an instrument, have them play for their family members or they can demonstrate what they have done in their art class.” - Joseph Lundstrum, Wrenn Middle School
  • Take your family to visit free art events around San Antonio like free family days at the McNay Art Museum, open admission nights at The San Antonio Museum of Art, or Second Saturday gallery nights.  
  • Talk about art and music that you like with your family and share stories of the art and music shared with you as a child. 
  • Create art at home using household & found objects. For example: a collage from magazines, create maracas using old milk carton and dried beans. There are so many great and age-appropriate art projects you can find on Pinterest or other sites. 
  • Go somewhere new and take photos on your phone/camera. Have your child talk about why they chose that subject. 
  • Be supportive in your child’s creative pursuits!