Bringing Smiles to EISD Students

Bringing Smiles to EISD Students
Posted on 10/04/2022
This is the image for the news article titled Bringing Smiles to EISD StudentsSmiles were on full display at the UT Health Dental School of San Antonio, as second and third graders from across Edgewood elementary schools took part in a free dental cleaning and exam.

At Edgewood Independent School District, our students' health and safety remain our number one priority. EISD knows students learn better when they are healthy and that goes for their teeth as well!

“Edgewood ISD is grateful to be the only school district to participate every year in this worthwhile preventative dental healthcare event,” said, Jennifer Alaniz, Nurse Coordinator for Edgewood Independent School District.

Edgewood student receives teeth cleaning

During the field trip each student was examined and eligible to receive dental sealants and fluoride varnish or rinse. They also received instruction on oral hygiene and were given a toothbrush and toothpaste. Dental students from the UT Dental School performed the examinations, allowing them to put into practice dental procedures they have learned.

“Over the years Edgewood ISD and the UT School of Dentistry have developed a strong partnership,” said Alaniz. “We are so thankful for their support of our scholars.”


To view more photos from the trip click here.
For more information about the partnership contact Jennifer R. Alaniz, RN, EISD Nurse Coordinator at 210-898-2054.
For more information about the UT Health School of Dentistry or to make an appointment visit their website.

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