Head Start Programs at EISD

Head Start Programs at EISD
Posted on 10/20/2022
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October is National Head Start Awareness Month when we draw attention to Head Start's work. Edgewood ISD is proud to be a provider of Early Head Start and Head Start services operating in a local school district. Edgewood ISD offers Head Start for students 3- to 5-year-olds at Cardenas ECC, Loma Park, and Stafford ECC. We also offer Early Head Start for children as young as 6 weeks old at Stafford ECC.

What is Head Start?

Head Start is a comprehensive early education program for children from at-risk backgrounds from birth to age 5. From early math and reading skills to confidence and resilience, Start helps children build the abilities they need to be successful in school and life. Head Start programs engage parents with their child's teacher and work closely with the local community to adapt to what each area needs. Head Start's work is based on the belief that every child can succeed.

Head Start supports the development of the whole child. Social and emotional development, health, and safety are as equally important as their academic learning. Moreover, the Head Start program helps prepare young children to have a positive transition to kindergarten. Resources are also provided for parents who may need support with helping their child at home or need educational resources themselves.

Sara Hammond, Assistant Principal at both Early Childhood Centers, believes students who participate in Head Start, “are given a solid foundation to setting foot in kindergarten. There are so many areas apart from academics that are new to kids that can take some getting used to. Things like waking up early and getting dressed for school, being apart from their parents during the day, sharing with others, being kind and respectful. These areas, in addition to Texas Pre-K guidelines, are all taught and practiced each day. Participation in this program is choosing to give your child a real ‘head start’ and setting them up for success going into kindergarten and their future school careers.”

What are the benefits of Head Start?

  • In Edgewood ISD, Head Start only hires teachers with a bachelor's degree from an accredited University in Education and who hold a valid Texas teaching certificate. Parents can rest assured knowing their child is receiving instruction from a highly qualified teacher.

  • “As a teacher who has taught kindergarten, it is very evident when a child has been given the opportunity to be part of a program like Head Start. Head Start can provide them a jump start on their educational journey and the chance for future academic success.” - Laura Ramos, Teacher at Loma Park

  • Head Start has a 10:1 student to teacher ratio. This gives teachers time to plan rigorous lesson plans that benefit each child. All classrooms have two adults to support instruction and provide better access to small group attention.

     - “It's never too early to start school. Children are born to learn new things every day. Why not give them a head start to learn with other children their age before Kinder?” - Stafford ECC teacher, Lorena Dion.

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  • The skills taught to students are developmentally appropriate for their age at the Pre-K level. Teachers provide a learning environment that supports children's growth in many areas such as language, literacy, and social and emotional development. Students learn to self-regulate their behaviors and interact with peers in both formal and informal settings. Students are provided with choice opportunities and allowed to explore through open play. At the same time, students receive daily structured lessons built around their individual needs.

    “Head Start offers a holistic approach to working with our young students; not only is there a focus on academics and social emotional needs, but there is also a focus on health care as well.” - Laura Ramos, Loma Park

    “Head Start provides a great foundation for learning at school and allows students to get into the routines of school. It doesn’t just focus on academics, but also allows students to learn social skills along with building their fine motor and gross motor skills.” - Angela Reyna, Teacher at Loma Park

  • Head Start helps children and families that need extra support. Head Start The program helps families to set goals and provides classes with experts on specific topics. Access to resources both within and outside of the program is provided. This may include academics, behavior, health, and a variety of other services.

    “Early intervention for students with disabilities, support for toilet training for students and families, oral language development and social skills for our students 3-5 years old. We also focus on dental health and nutrition, starting these healthy habits early in the child's life.” - Nayatzin Solis, Instructional Coach at Cardenas ECC

  • Head Start is designed to be a two-year program, serving children from ages 3 to 5. When children attend Head Start for two years, they show great progress towards being Kinder Ready. Head Start familiarizes students with the procedures on how to behave in school and sets the foundation for success in kindergarten.

    “Head Start provides a foundation on rules and routines that provides a smooth transition to kindergarten. Also, students are introduced to academic skills that will help them advance in kindergarten.” - Angela Reyna, Loma Park

    “The Head Start program focuses on young children's development to prepare them for their transition to kindergarten. Involving and supporting parents also plays a big factor in ensuring their child succeeds throughout their educational journey.” - Patricia Preciado-Ramon, Cardenas ECC

If you are interested in applying for Head Start at Edgewood ISD, please contact our Early Childhood Learning team at 210-898-2043.