Attendance Incentive Improves Student Outlook

Attendance Incentive Improves Student Outlook
Posted on 04/14/2022
This is the image for the news article titled Attendance Incentive Improves Student OutlookAt Edgewood ISD attendance matters. Students who don't show up regularly miss out on their education. In an effort to improve student attendance Perales STEAM Elementary School started an Attendance Incentive Challenge.

The incentive challenge kicked off six weeks ago and has seen a positive change in student outlook and attendance numbers.

"We have definitely seen more motivation from students to get to school and that makes our hearts happy," said assistant principal Ms. Machado.

Since starting the challenge the school has hosted everything from an AttenDANCE to popsicles in the courtyard, and most recently a chalk-it-up event. In order to participate students must be present all week.

“All events have been a big hit, and students are already asking what’s next,” said Ms. Machado. “We saw it be more successful when doing week by week rather than a whole month. It becomes bite-sized goals for our students.”

Story By: Yvonne Zamora-Byrd