Student Teaching & Observation

Student Teaching/Observation in Edgewood ISD

Edgewood ISD welcomes the opportunity to partner with colleges, universities, and Teacher Preparation Programs in providing formal student teaching/observation placements within our district. We like to hire successful student teachers to be full-time teachers with us.

Student Teaching Placement Steps:

Student Teacher placement request must be sent from the college, university, or teacher preparation program to the Edgewood ISD Human Resource Service to:

Thomasina Montana, Director of Professional Learning
Office: (210) 898-2020

- Edgewood ISD provides criminal history checks for students wanting to student teach in our classrooms. This process includes students having to complete a short online application. The application provides information that allows for the completion of the background check. All student teachers must be cleared through a criminal history check before arriving on campuses. 

- Once the background has been cleared, the Director of Professional Learning will work with district principals to place student teachers. As placement is completed the college, university, or teacher preparation program will be notified. The placed student teacher can then complete the required paperwork

Student Observation Steps:

- Edgewood ISD is proud to student observers a place to learn and observe. Please see the information and instructions below.

- Complete online application for observation hours. Background clearance must be given by the Human Resources Department before hours can be completed on any of the campuses.

- To access the Student Teacher/Observation Hours Application, please visit the Volunteer Homepage here.

Please call our office if you need additional assistance or more information at (210) 898-2020.