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LBJ's Mr. Kallam wins Edgewood's Innovative Teaching Grant!

Mr. Kallam Wins Edgewood's Innovative Teaching Grant!
We are all so proud of one of our favorite teachers, Mr. Jeffrey Kallam, for winning Edgewood's Innovative Teaching Grant. Every year, the Edgewood Education Foundation gives money to schools for interesting educational projects. This year, Mr. Kallam won a grant to explore wind and weather.

Mr. Kallam's idea was to buy an electric wind generator and weather station. The electric wind generator will provide renewable power for the water pumps in LBJ's courtyard garden. The electric wind generator will also power up a portable battery that students can use for learning on-the-go. The weather station will help students and families learn about climate and the environment.
Mr. Kallam earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of North Carolina, and earned his Masters Degree in Education from Our Lady of the Lake University here in San Antonio. Mr. Kallam has taught at LBJ Elementary for 17 years, and is one of the students' most memorable teachers. Students who are now in middle school and high school remember Mr. Kallam, and they still come back to LBJ to visit him. He is a dedicated and effective educator, and the staff of LBJ is lucky to have him as part of our family. Congratulations to Mr. Jeffrey Kallam, this year's winner of Edgewood's Innovative Teaching Grant.