Welcome to ELAR

  • Hello Chargers!  Welcome to English Language Arts with Coach Orupabo

    MATH ROCKS! Dear Parents and students, 

    Welcome to the exciting and wonderful world of Reading, where learning will be fun, inspiring and fulfilling for every child. I enjoy coming to work every day and spending time with your children. With today’s technology at our fingertips, we will achieve the impossible together.   

    This Webpage will not only inform, educate and enlighten you, it will also provide an avenue for our parents, their children and the teacher to build a successful relationship and mostly importantly help our students here at  Gus Garcia Middle School become well-rounded proactive students and citizens.   

    Once again, welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! This is going to be a rewarding year full of learning, growth and new possibilities! We here at Gus Garcia strive for a World Class Education! 


    Parents, please check ParentConnection for posted grades. 


     Conference Time: 11:18am – 12:05pm


    Tutoring Times/ Homework Center:  Tuesdays and Wednesday - 4 :30 - 5:30pm in Rm. 207 


       1st Period      6th Grade Reading 

      2nd Period     6th Grade Reading

    3rd Period           ELAR Planning

          4th Period      ELAR Conference       

           5th Period       Advisory  Period        

      6th Period      6th Grade Reading

       7th Period        6th Grade Reading

        8th Period       6tth Grade Reading

      9th Period       6th Grade Reading



    Name: Boma Orupabo   

    Email Address: boma.orupabo@eisd.net   

    Campus Phone number: 210-444-8075(ext. 2859)

    Room #: 207