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    Art making is a skill that can be learned through observational study, and hours of practice. Although natural ability is helpful, anyone with the right attitude can learn how to express themselves through art. My goal as a teacher is for every student to leave my class with the essential skills and knowledge to create their own works of art, and to have a greater appreciation for the arts in their lives.
    Upper level students will use their skills to creatively express themselves, build portfolios and prepare for careers and a higher education in the arts. 
    On this website you will find information for my Art 1, Painting and Ceramics classes. The class syllabus, agenda and assignments are available on this site, as well as any other relevant information.
    For some of my favorite art related Links, please visit my LINKS section.
    While you're here, please visit the online GALLERY to see some of the artwork created by my students. 
    Looking to earn some extra credit? Talking about art is an integral part of being an artist. Visit the art BLOG to share some of your thoughts on Art, and earn extra credit points towards any grade. (See me for details).
    And for some quick lessons on creating art visit my ART CAST page.