• math Mr. Henry L. Johnson, Jr.
    6th Grade Mathematics Teacher
    Email Address: hjohnson@eisd.net
    School Number: (210) 444-8475 ext.: 6248
    Journey Through Mathematics (clic para Español)
    Today's classroom is like none that has come before it.  It is diverse in every way imaginable - language, culture, economics, family makeup and styles of learning.  Welcome to Mr. J's world, a place where this richness is celebrated, nurtured, and encouraed to grow.  Mathematics should be a program that balances the classic basics (such as fact memorization and efficiency with computation) with the new basics (such as the ability to use tools like a calculator, computer, IPads and even cell phones).  I believe it is critical to move "beyond the basics."  Moving "beyond the basics" includes the development of conceptual understanding with a greater emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking.  This year we will also be focusing on financial literacy. Teaching and learning the "basics and beyond" is crucial in order to prepare today's students for tomorrow's world.  Parents, I set high standards for all my students.  Maintaining open communication is key to helping students learn.  I have heard parents speak of their own difficulties with math; but we must "break" the fear of math.  That fear is the one thing that keeps our children from trying.  We have to realize that "failure is not the grade we receive in math; but the unwillingness to try when it seems most difficult".  Come and sit in and see what your child is learning.  Ask questions everyday.  Experience mathematics in a different light.  Come take a Journey Through Mathematics!