Technology Resource Page


    • Digital Projectors
    Every computer lab, library and classroom has been provided with a digital projector for instructional use. 
    • Document Cameras
    Every classroom teacher has been provided with a digital camera for instructional use.  
    • Digital Cameras:
    Flip Cameras (check out from library) 
    Available to teachers for checkout through the librarian.
    Canon PowerShot
    Other Technologies for Integration:

    Promeathean Boards
    Gardendale has eleven Promethean Board systems that are being utilized in the classrooms, computer labs and special education rooms.  Promethean Boards are  interactive whiteboard system that uses a digital projector, computer and touch technology  to create lessons that interact with teachers and students. Also, there are four sets of ActivInspire Polling devices available for check out from the library.
    Smart Boards
    Gardendale has twenty Smart Boards that are being utilized in the computer labs and or classrooms.  An interactive technology tool that must be used with a digital projector and computer combination. The Smart Board uses interactive pens and is mounted on a wall or stand.
    Apple iPad Carts
    Gardendale has 20 Apple IPAD 2, 30 Apple iPad Minis, 15 Apple iPad Airs,  for classroom check out.  Currently only students can use this resource through a teacher guided activities.  All iPads must be checked back in at the end of the school day.
    Dell Laptop Cart
    New to Gardendale this year is the addition of a 25 laptop cart available for checkout.
    Please contact Mrs. Cantu if you would like to check out any of these items.