• September 28, 2013 -- Character Building Through Literacy Parade
    9-12--Neighborhood Walk and Open House at Cisneros Elementary
    October 29, 2013 -- Reading After Dark
    5:30 - 7:15 -- Reading scary stories with our teachers, doing an activity, eating dinner, and a short presentation about responsibility.
    Fun and Friendly February -- The Community Service Club will be hosting a month-long event of distributing postcards to teachers. Students will be able to request a postcard from their teacher to send a compliment or happy message to a friend, sibling, teacher, staff, cafeteria worker, or custodian. The Community Service Club will pick up and deliver the postcards to recipients.
    RECYCLING -- All year long, the Community Service is responsible for making as well as collecting paper recycling boxes from the classrooms and staff offices. We are proud to help keep our school green.
    Updated October 6, 2013
Last Modified on October 22, 2013