• Sixth grade is a pivotal year. We work hard to prepare students for 7th grade and the entire middle school environment. We want them to be successful as they continue their educational journey.

    In 6th grade, we will read and write often. We will enjoy fiction and non-fiction books as well as news articles and historical documents. Please help us develop competent readers by making sure your child reads every day at home for 30 minutes. What they read isn't as important as the reading itself, so magazines of interest or the newspaper comics are also acceptable. Graphic novels seem to interest many young people. Perhaps because of the pictures, but they tell a story, contain words, and require students to follow a sequence of events.

    Students will explore various types of writing to prepare for the 7th grade STAAR writing assessment. We will continue to practice grammar and punctuation as well as simple and compound sentences and subject-verb agreement. We will explore vocabulary to increase our daily word selection which improves writing as well as speech. Daily reflections and journal entries will provide practice for essays and letter writing. Some students enjoy writing in diaries or making up stories to share. Please encourage your child to continue to do these things at home.

    I'm very excited about the learning that happens in 6th grade. We have fun activities planned and we are looking forward to a productive year.