Professional Development Training Rooms

Available training rooms at:
Emma Frey Service Center
900 S. San Eduardo Avenue San Antonio, TX 78237

Emma Frey Service Center Upstairs Room 17, 18, 19, 20
Seating Capacity 35

Emma Frey Service Center Media Center
Seating Capacity 75

Emma Frey D.A.E.P Cafeteria (after 1:00 PM ONLY)
Seating Capacity 200

***Seating Maximum is based on Theater style setup ***

Please use this form to Reserve a room at any of the locations listed above:

Room Reservation Form

When using any of the training rooms please remember to follow these procedures:

- Communicate your desired seating arrangement well in advance.

- Request any items needed or technology needed well in advance of your session:
(chart paper, markers etc.)
- If technology was unplugged or removed please replace it to its original set up.
- Turn off all projectors, computers and Promethean boards before exiting the room.
- Remove items from your session from the room such as (handouts, posters, any materials)
- Kindly ask participants to throw their trash away on their way out.
- Return any items checked out from the Professional Development Office after your training.

If you have any questions please contact:
Melissa Martinez (210)444-8122
Email: Melissa Martinez