Eduphoria Workshop


Eduphoria Workshop is our online Professional Development management system.

You can find the link here.

- New to Eduphoria?

- Change your name on Eduphoria? (click on Eddy)


- Need to complete a survey? eddy

1. Click on My Portfolio

2. Find a course that you want to submit a survey for

3. Click on that course

4. Click on the survey tab

5. Complete every field of the survey

6. Click on the submit button on the bottom left

How to submit for External Credit

To receive your Eduphoria transcripts
(Please include former and current last name & first name, last campus, years employed)


What is Eduphoria Strive?


- Questions on Appraise and or Aware? (click on pictures)

appraise aware

Contact the Professional Development Department for assistance at 210-444-8122.

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