• Welcome to ART at STAFFORD ELEMENTARY! picasso

    With Ms. R. Jeannette Waid  

    Art Studio #143

    I am so excited about the 2018-2019 school year!

    This year as we will delve into the world of Art, we will strive to develop and inspire the Artist within each and every one of us. Together, we will learn to see the the world through a new lense. A lense filtered through curiosity,creativity, experimentation and ingenuity. By encouraging creative thought and providing a strong foundation in visual arts, students with be given an opportunity to develop a means of self-expression through the visual language of Art.

    The opportunities for personal enrichment are provided through the exploration of Art and its impact on the world and our daily lives. In this course, we will study The History of Art, The Elements and Principles of Art and Design, and The Processes of Art Production. We will experiment with a variety of art media to develop new skills that we will learn to apply in our work.

    We will be creating art projects to reflect various themes such as people, landscapes, plants, animals, famous artists, and cultural celebrations, to name a few. Of course part of the art processes is exhibiting our work. So always do your best and be on the look out for student exhibits throughout the year.

    Art students will be developing their knowledge of art history, art concepts, vocabulary, media and techniques that are suitable to their grade level, and follow along with the TEKS standards .  

    The study of Art is an integral part of student learning designed to promote observation, creativity, experimentation, critical thought, self expression, and cultural awareness. By connecting previous knowledge and experiences, it serves as a bridge to better understanding ourselves, each other and the world around us. 

     I look forward to a fabulous year filled with amazing student work!    



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