• Melanie Lopez Perez
    Stafford Elementary Instructional Coach
    Stafford Crusaders know how to
    "Make it Happen"

    Welcome to my Website! 
    Thank you for stopping by my site. I hope to provide you with resources, information, and tools that can help to create a successful educational experience for teachers and students. Please browse through my site and check back for new updates as my site is currently under construction.
    It's going to be a Wonderful Year!
    This is my first year at Stafford Elementary as the Instructional Coach and I'm very excited for the opportunity! I look forward to working with administration, teachers, staff, and students to help provide the best instructional support possible to impact learning.
    I believe all students deserve a fair and equitable education. I believe it is our job as educators to give our full effort and dedication to meeting the needs of our students by getting to know them, connecting with them, and providing them instruction that meets their different learning styles. As educators I believe we can never know everything and therefore there is always room to learn and grown in our field.

    Contact Information:
    Email: melanie.lopez@eisd.net
    Phone: (210) 444-8400
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Last Modified on October 16, 2016