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    Take a look at the Summer e-Reading page. The public library also has a lot of wonderful books for summer reading.
    I look forward to hearing about your awesome summer reading adventures! 


    Don’t fall behind during the months of summer vacation!
    The Edgewood District Library has more than 8,000 ebooks and audio books available for you to check out anywhere/anytime using your computer or mobile device. 

    How to Access an E-book for Virtual Summer Reading
    1)   Download the free app – Destiny Discover eReader.
    2)   Open the app and choose “Texas” from the location drop-down and then
             select your school from the list and click on “Go!”.
    3)   Enter your ID/lunch number for your user name.
    4)   Enter your ID/lunch number for your password.
    5)   If your ID# does not work, use “eisd for both your username and password.

    To access ebooks using a computer or laptop without the app, you can
    go directly to the website gofollet.com and then follow steps 2-5 above.

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     If you need help using the e-book app features when you log in, click here for E-reader instructions .