Classroom Policies & Procedures

    Breakfast is served in class from 7:30-7:45. Instruction starts at 7:45, students are counted tardy at 7:50.

    4th Grade Attendance Incentives

    • Students who have perfect attendance and no tardies will receive Bobcat bucks every Friday. 
    • Students will also be allowed extra recess and bring a toy or sport equipment from home on Friday.
    • The 4th grade team will be operating a PERFECT ATTENDANCE class incentive. We will be competing against the other 4th grade classrooms to see who can spell out PERFECT ATTENDANCE first. The class that achieves perfect attendance for 17 days will be rewarded a popcorn party!

    Grading Policy

    • 60% goes towards class work and homework
    • 40% goes towards assessments and quizzes 

    Make-up Policy

    • If a student is absent, the student will have time during the school day to make up the work. If the work is not completed in class the student will have the opportunity to take the work home.
    • If a student does not complete their class work or homework due to their own choices, the student will be required to complete their work during recess. 

    4th Grade Discipline Plan

    Classroom Rules:

    • Listen and follow your teacher's directions the first time.
    • Keep your hands and your feet to yourself.
    • Work quietly, remain in your assigned seat, and raise your hand to speak.
    • Be safe, respectful, responsible, and stay on task.

    Students who choose to follow rules:

    • Praise or pat on back
    • Good behavior note, stickers, or stamp
    • Snack or treat
    • Lunch with the teacher
    • Treasure Chest 
    • Positive call home

    If a student chooses to break a rule, the consequences will be:

    • Reminder of the rule
    • Private talk and verbal warning 
    • A note sent home or a call home
    • Stage one and a call home
    • Principal will be contacted with severe problems in the classroom