• Welcome to Coach Revilla's

    P.E. Class

    Welcome to P.E

    Hello, my name is Coach Revilla and I am the P.E Coach for L.B.J Elementary School.  The focus in physical education class is to show our students how to become physically active and to understand the benefits of healthy eating by choosing the right foods to eat from the food pyramid. My main goal is to have students engaged through physical activity and make it fun for them so that  it can be an exciting experience when they come to P.E.

    Everyday when students come to class, we will walk, run, jog or sprint in the gym. This will help the students build a strong heart and benefit them long term. Also, students will have time to do a fun activity in which they will be able to learn the fundamentals of a sport or skill. 

    Things to look forward to:  Fitness Gram, PALS League, Boyscouts, Girl Scouts, and Field Day. Fitness Gram is a state mandated assessment for 3rd through 5th grade and we start the process in 2nd grade to familiarize students with the concepts.

     I am looking forward to an exciting 2018-2019 school year and cannot wait to see our students in P.E Class!

     If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me 

    210-444-8175 Ext 3060 or via email at frevilla@eisd.net

      " Stay happy, Stay positive and Smile" 

     Coach Revilla