• In English I, we will be reading, writing, exploring, creating, and discussing literature and language. We will use the writing process to help us construct, organize, refine, edit, and publish original writing. Special emphasis will be placed on developing, organizing, sustaining, and clearly expressing our ideas. Both reading and writing workshop models will be used to afford students flexible opportunities to develop their reading and writing skills. This course is organized in a block schedule, so students will be in class for approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. 

    A typical class block is organized with time for independent reading, a reading mini-lesson, and reading lab time in which students are offered guided and independent reading practice. In addition, the course writing component consists of time allocated for practice, exploration, and reflection in writing notebooks, a writing mini-lesson, and writing lab time for guided and independent practice of writing skills.

    Learning goals include developing critical reading, writing, thinking, and research skills. Meeting grade level expectations on the English I STAAR test is also a major goal of this course. To accomplish this, students will need to work hard, give their best effort, be open to learning and practicing new skills, and be present in class. I know we can accomplish these goals if we set our minds to it and remain determined.

    Our curriculum is organized into 7 units of study: instructional routines, fiction and literary nonfiction, informational text, poetry and drama, persuasion, genre connections, and research. Reading goals include evaluating, analyzing, and understanding elements of different reading genres. Writing goals include evaluating, analyzing, and understanding elements of different writing genres and creating, developing, and refining personal writing through the writing process, conferences, discussion, exploration, reflection, and journaling. 


    Mrs. Kim's Course Schedule:

    Period 1 AP English III 8:45-9:32

    Periods 2&3 English I 9:37-11:18

    Period 4 AP English III 11:23-12:10

    B Lunch 12:15-12:45

    Periods 5&6 English I 12:50-2:29

    Period 7 PLC 2:34-3:21

    Period 8 Conference 3:26-4:15