• Hello Parents and Students Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at LBJ!!



    This is going to be an exciting year packed with lots of learning. This year, as fifth graders, you will be role models on our campus. As leaders of the school you will be expected to show what LBJ Bobcats are all about!

    This year will be very rigorous academically, you will be taking the Reading, Math and Science STAAR. We will continue to work on all subjects and really strengthen all your skills to prepare for middle school! My goal is to make your learning experience interesting and meaningful. I also want to help you grow for the next chapter of your academic career. 

    To make this a great year lets make it a goal to attend school everyday! We will be learning lots of new and interesting things, so being in class will be very important. It is also important that you are not only here, but that you are participating and taking an active role in your own learning. To be an active learner you need to ask questions, complete all classwork and homework, and attend any extra tutoring. 

    Lets make this a fun and successful year!

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have at lindsey.dubbels@eisd.net 


    Information on policies regarding grading, homework, make up work, attendance, and behavior will be found in the classroom policies tab to the left.