• Welcome Parents and Students to Art I/II/Printing & Imaging I!

    My classroom is going to be an area where everyone can develop artistic ideas and expand on their creativity. We will be working on the processes of creating art, the fundamentals of creating, art history of different movements throughout time, and the different mediums we can use to take our ideas from our minds into the physical world.

    Any Rocket that walks into my room, I will expect to follow our class rules and procedures. We are going to be working with different types of art materials and mediums. To avoid any issues or dangerous behavior I ask that all students obey and follow the safety rules not only for their classmates, but for themselves.

    In this class we will be having a two part session everyday, our first part will be a lecture style lesson introduction into what we're working on. The second part, we will begin using our materials to create art. I will provide a demonstration and support all students so we can all progress together, we're all artists in my room and I want every student to feel like that.

    To all Printing & Imaging students: Our classes will be held inside the Print Shop located at the Kennedy Vocational building, we will be working alongside with Mr. Perez the Print Shop Manager. Together we will all work as a team and support each other to learn how it is to work in an actual Print Production Studio. 


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