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    Log into the online Canvas portion of the course through this website:



    Mr. Saponaro is teaching the Precal Course and AP Calculus course

    If you are a student in Mr. Saponaro’s Onramps Precal Course, please check the syllabus for more information, including information on how to register for the online UT Austin part of the course, including a step by step guide found in the pdf files linked on this page below.



    To register for the online part of the course there are 3 main steps. 

    Step 1: Create a UT EID at utexas.edu/eid

    Step 2: Use that UT EID to log in at onramps.utexas.edu/portal and create an account and register for my "Discovery Precalculus Course" 

    Step 3: Once registered, you can finally access your class page at onramps.instructure.com you should see a page with orange on the left side, and 3 colored boxes representing the course.


    A detailed list of instructures can be found by clicking the "Detailed Onramps Registration Guide" at the bottom of this page.

    Other helpful tips:

    Chrome seems to work better than Internet Explorer

    When registering for the course, they will ask for a lot of information, but most of it won't matter for registering for the course, and it's OK to not put any information that you don't feel comfortable sharing (such as social security number)

    Make sure you save your UT EID and password; it's best to write it in a note on your phone

    Our course is "Discovery Precalculus" and the Section number depends on your class period

    Period 1 = Section 1

    Period 2 = Section 2

    Period 3 = Section 3

    **Period 5 = Section 4**

    **Period 7 = Section 5**

    **Period 8 = Section 6**


    Once the registration process is complete, students will log into the online Canvas portion of the course through this website: onramps.instructure.com   

    (NOTE: do not simply google UT login, it will send students to a different website that UT students at UT Austin use, and our logins will not work)

    Also, it is good to try to login and save your log in information using your cell phone