PARKING RULES 2017-2018

    Driving a vehicle to school is a privilege, not a right.  JFK reserves the right to search or tow any vehicle and/or suspend or revoke student-parking privileges. Furthermore, John F. Kennedy High School reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.  All persons and vehicles on JFK parking lots must adhere to the policies presented in the JFK Parking Rules.

    JFK students who drive to school are expected to:

    1. Know the JFK Parking Rules,

    2. Adhere to the JFK Parking Rules, and

    3. Accept the consequences for violating any JFK Parking Rule(s).


    1. All student vehicles parked on campus must have an annual permit with the vehicle licensed to the student and/or parents)/guardian(s) listed on the permit application form.
    2. Motor vehicles driven on school grounds must conform to the regulations of John F. Kennedy High School.
    3. Students are to maintain accurate vehicle registration and promptly notify Mrs. Cardenas of any changes.
    4. Students are to be respectful to Staff.
    5. Students are to park only in their designated parking area using only one parking spot.
    6. Students are not to drive recklessly.
    7. Students are not to move vehicles or go to and from them during the school day.
    8. Students attending the Fine Arts Academy in the AM/PM, and Dual Credit classes at universities/community colleges are required to be transported on the EISD buses.
    • A bus is at JFK to transport academy students in the AM at 8:00AM.  For the students who attend the academy in the PM, the bus times are 12:40PM, 1:35PM, and 4:30PM depending on your class schedule.  Students who attend a university/community college the bus time is at 7:00AM.

    10. Students are not to transport other students to or from campus during the school day.

    11.  Students are not to use their vehicles to leave campus unexcused.




    Display your permit on the left side of vehicle’s windshield.  Vehicles with parking permits that do not display permits properly may result in the permit being removed.


    JFK students must apply for their parking permits in person.  No student may apply for a permit for another student. The criteria for permit includes, but not limited to:

    1.  Meet 90% attendance rule

    2.  Maintain a good discipline record

    3.  70 or higher in all classes



    1. Present an application form signed by the student and the student’s parent/guardian.
    2.  Present a valid driver’s license, and insurance.  (Student’s name must be listed on the insurance.)
    3. Sign and return the application to abide by parking rules.

    *Permits may be obtained for a vehicle registered to the student or his/her parent/guardian only.  Permit applications and the JFK Parking Rules are available in the VP clerk’s office.

    *There are no refunds for lost or stolen permits.  However, you may buy a replacement for your lost or stolen permit for $5.00.



    Students may not transfer or sell their permits to other students nor may students use their names to buy permits for other students.



    Students drive and park on campus at their own risk.  Any accident that occurs should be reported to the JFK campus police and administration.

    Driving to and from campus

    Students must enter and leave the parking lot via the Thompson Street entrance only.  Students cannot enter or exit the S. Gen. McMullen exit.

    Leaving Campus Unexcused

    Students who use their vehicle to leave campus unexcused will receive a 10-day suspension for the JFK parking lots on the first offense.  Subsequent offenses will result in the permit being revoked.

     Tardy to School

    Student drivers who are tardy to school more than 3 times in a semester are subject to the following permit suspensions:

    • 4th tardy: 3 day suspension of parking permit,

    • 5th tardy: 4 day suspension of parking permit,

    • 6th tardy +: 10 day suspension of parking permit, administration reserves the right to suspend or revoke parking permits for chronic offenders, assign In School Suspension, and/or Out of School Suspension

    *Students should have their vehicles parked by 8:15AM to ensure they arrive to class on time.


    No Parking/No Driving Zones

    Students must park in their assigned lot only using one parking space.  Students cannot park in staff, visitor, lined, or handicapped spaces.  A vehicle parked illegally in a handicapped, visitor’s space, or parked without a parking permit may be towed by the school at the owner’s expense.  The owner of a vehicle parked illegally in a handicapped space will be cited and fined by the JFK Police.  The JFK parking permit can only be used at JFK.  The parking permit cannot be transferred to Memorial High School.


    When a student’s parking permit is suspended, the student and the vehicle BOTH are suspended from parking at JFK.  Students must meet with an assistant principal when their violations qualify for suspension or revocation.  JFK notifies the parents/guardians (by phone, email, or U.S. Mail) when their student’s permit is suspended or revoked.