•    Welcome to the Edgewood ISD Parent Transition page.  This site will hopefully answer any questions you may have about your Childs transition after high school to the real world.   Transition does not start in high school; this is a process that needs to begin in elementary school, with the identification of the student’s interest and preferences.  

       A major goal for transition is having the students “know” they have a disability and what accommodations and modifications successfully impact their learning process.
       Edgewood has a variety of special education programs and services that help support students with disabilities in the classroom. Our goal is not just for classroom accomplishments in the classroom but in all areas of life, and this includes post-secondary education and the workforce.  Parent Involvement and active student participation is an important aspect of our program.  Transition cannot take place without support at home.  Help your child understand the support and services that benefit them at school.