• Graciela Martinez - Personal Leadership Credo

    Graciela Martinez - Personal Leadership Credo

    These are the core values and supporting leadership principles that I will live and lead by. In my pursuit to live up to them, I may stumble. Nevertheless, when I do, I will know, and I will be my own worst critic. I will hold myself 100% accountable to them and continually evaluate myself against these values/principles and ask my team members, peers and leaders to do the same.

    • I will be a servant leader.
    • I will be driven by a strong sense of purpose and have the strength to persist in the face of setbacks.
    • I will provide sound direction by establishing clear goals and expectations.
    • I will provide selfless support to teachers and staff.
    • I will provide guidance and leadership in a consistent and honest manner.

    • I will love my work and live the principles of my Leadership Credo daily.
    • I will act and lead with enthusiasm and emotional energy.
    • I will motivate others in the face of change and transformation.
    • I will keep myself and my staff focused on the needs of all students.
    • In building relationships with students and staff I will commit to making a positive difference in their lives.

    • I will demonstrate uncompromising honesty at all times.
    • I will never mislead; I will be open and candid in my conversations.
    • I will be genuine and straightforward by doing what I say and saying what I mean.
    • I will accept and view criticism as an opportunity to improve professionally.
    • I will be dependable and reliable at all times.
    • I will act with tenacity and persistence to improve the lives of our students and community, rather than my own self interest.

    • I will demonstrate knowledge and effective capabilities in decision making affecting student success.
    • I will continuously assess my strengths and weaknesses.
    • I will engage in continuous professional development.
    • I will constantly raise the bar of expectations for myself.
    • I will develop leaders thr

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