WELCOME, Class of 2019 and 2022!

    Mr. Harris's Room: 209

    Courses: English I (Pre-AP) and English IV 


    Class Mission Statement: 

    Study to present myself intelligent and wise; 

    A student whose will is a virtuous enterprise. 

    Turning heads with the length of my strides 

    And a mind determined with success as my guise. 

    I am a powerful, responsible, and enlightened being; 

    A wonderful person doing amazing things. 


    Mr. Harris's Schedule:

    NOTE: All English I courses utilize "Block Scheduling"

    1st Period: English IV

    2nd Periods: English IV

    3rd & 4th Periods: Block 1 - English I (Pre-AP)

    5th & 6th Periods: Block 2 - English I (Pre-AP)

    7th Period: ELAR PLC Meeting 

    8th Period: Conference 


    Tutoring: Every Tuesday and Thursday 4:20pm - 5:20pm