• Welcome to 3rd Grade!!

      I am Miss Villarreal, and I will be teaching 3rd Grade Math, Science and Social studies in Room #206. Ms. De La Rosa will be collaborating with me and teaching the Language Arts. In my classroom, my students are to follow the 5 important rules which are known as the 5 P's.

    The 5P's are:
    By following these rules, students will be able to accomplish the daily objectives in  the classroom without interruptions or distractions and will maximize their learning creating a positive and productive classroom environment.
    My conference time is from 10:25 to 11:15 Monday- Friday (except Wednesday)
    Please contact me at (210) 444-8150 or my email address, gracia.villarreal@eisd.net if you would like to set up an appointment or any questions that you may have, parent teacher communication is very important for student success.