•      Welcome to our new site at the Edgewood School District Website. Our new online address is WWW.eisd.net. You can find information related to our upcoming events and news of the day right here. Just look under Kennedy High School Class of 1966 on the main web page.
         We wish to welcome each and every member of the Kennedy High School Graduating Class of 1966. We would like to extend a warm welcome and a huge "Abrazo" to you and your family members, whether you are still in San Antonio or are in far away places tending to your business or pleasure. We understand that we are the present day "Baby Boomers" from our generation, and as such,  many of us are now retired, semi-retired, or perhaps still striving, as I like to call it. Regardless of where you are in life, and where life has led you, we want you to know that as the Class of 1966, we miss you and would love to see you once again to share our stories about anything you would like to share, or at least to welcome you and to share some good food, good company, wonderful music from the sounds of our youth, and just to have you come out and have a good time. We all deserve it. So don't be shy, come out and join us for a great time.
         The Class of 1966 has formed a group of volunteers to bring our graduating class together and to plan for the great event, which we are tentatively scheduling for October 2016. In the meantime, we will be meeting monthly to discuss the venue, decor, food, music, dates, times, parking facilities for this and other fund raisers during the year. We welcome you to volunteer and to help us if you have time available. Also, we ask your assistance in locating other alumni whom we have missed or are unable to locate due to changes in address, phone numbers, emails, or other important information.
         If you would like to help us and join this dynamic group of individuals who are working to bring us all together, please contact any of the following members of the planning committee:
    Susie Garza Navarijo at  snavariji@gmail.com or 210-521-9638 (H), 210-392-9396 (C)
    Mary Ellen Medina-Esperiqueta at espmary@hotmail.com or 210-213-4978
    Cheryl Garcia Aranda at cheryllee2003@yahoo.com or 210-389-4775
    Mario Longoria at zmj954@my.utsa.edu 
         Please look to this site for further news and updates on any future meetings, activities, and fundraisers which are sure to be fun, exciting and family friendly.
    Remember to save the dates and have a wonderful 2015!
    Very Sincerely Yours,
    Linda Morales-Hernandez
    Class of JFK 1966 graduate
    Website Manager