•  Who is the Fine Arts Teacher?

    Teresa M. Gutierrez- Fine Arts Teacher at Henry B. Gonzalez Elementary

    Art at Henry B. Gonzalez Elementary allows students to have hands-on experience in every facet of the creative process. Mrs. Gutierrez's teaching style is to understand each of her students' unique interests and needs, taking the time to know each student as they learn the art process. She strives to help students discover a deeper level of artistic thought, and support them as they apply it to their own artwork, regardless of their level of ability. She believes that Art is a basic necessity to be included in the education of all children. She is intent on passing on her understanding of the feelings and focus of well-known artists, their art, and their art-making. Teaching art and working with each student brings great joy to her.


    To my Students:

    I am so happy I have chosen a profession which gives me the opportunity to guide you through the art experience. I was inspired to teach by caring individuals in my life who believed in my talent and helped me to fulfill my dream. I want to give the same to you. I want you to express your ideas and individuality. With that in mind I want you to apply the valuable skills you learn in my class for your future.



    Our Classroom


    * To Identify and utilize the Elements of Art & Principles of Design

    * To create works of art by exploring a variety of media and techniques

    * To develop an appreciation and respect for the arts

    * To analyze, evaluate, and form critical responses towards art

    * To demonstrate proper, safe, and respectful use of art tools, supplies, and resources


    Grading Scheme:

    * Performance of Art projects: Craftsmanship, creativity & originality (using your own ideas), fulfillment of objetive of the lesson, effort, and completion.

    * Work Habits/Preparedness: Following classroom rules; respecting and using art supplies and tools appropriatly (not in a wastefull manner). Respecting others' art projects. Turning in work on time and completing missing work.

    "All the Time" Rules & Procedures: "The Mona Lisa Rules"

    Are you Mona Lisa Ready?

    These policies and procedures are important and extremely easy to go along with. By following these you will achieve success and have fun in Art.

    1. Arrive to class on time!  Find your seat in a matture manner; get your pencil and paper and begin your bell work while Mrs. Gutierrez takes attendance and gives the day's instructions.

    2. Remain in your seat unless there is a classroom related necessity for getting up. No one is allowed to roam around in the room.

    3. Do not touch, mark or damage other students art work.

    4. Work productively with limited stops as we have a deadline to meet.

    5. Clean up and put supplies in appropriate place.

    6. Treat yourself, teachers, peers and guests with respect.


  • CONFERENCE by Appointment 7:45-8:30

    2nd Grade 8:30- 9:20 AM

    Kinder 9:20 - 10:

    1st Grade -11:25 AM

    Lunch          11:30 - 12:05 Teacher Lunch

    5th Grade    12:05 - 1:00 PM

    3rd Grade    1:05 - 1:55 PM

    4th Grade      2:00 - 3:00 PM

     Student Dismissal 3:15 PM