iBienvenidos a la clase de español!

  • Students in Spanish class will acquire the language by listening and reading, which will support their eventual output of speaking and writing. map

    By the end of the year, Spanish I students can:

    • Greet someone and make light conversation.
    • Compare and contrast personalities, appearances, likes, and dislikes. 
    • Talk about their classes, family members, body and health, sports, and more. 
    • Read, write, listen and speak on a few topics at a novice-mid to novice-high level. 

    By the end of the year, Spanish II students can:

    • Discuss and debate cultural and historical topics.
    • Compare and contrast customs in the US and Spanish-speaking countries.
    • Describe themselves and their classmates and what they like to do. 
    • Read, write, listen, and speak on a variety of topics at a novice-high to intermediate-mid level. 

    My Class Schedule

    Period 1        Spanish I
    Period 2        Spanish II
    Period 3        Spanish I
    Period 4        Spanish I
    B Lunch
    Period 5        Conference
    Period 6        Spanish I 
    Period 7        Spanish II
    Period 8        Spanish I