• Instructional Materials

    Instructional materials vendors may provide materials to our Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Department for review and display by contacting one of the following content specialists:

    Instructional materials vendors may display their products and make presentations about their products on campuses from January 6 to February 21, 2014. The following procedures must be used to arrange displays and presentations:

    1. Vendors must contact a campus Instructional Materials Adoption Subcommittee member via email only.  The list of Subcommittee members is attached.
    2. After the campus principal has approved the request, the campus Subcommittee member will work with campus leadership and other Subcommittee members to fulfill the request, minimizing impact on student learning.
    3. The contacted campus Subcommittee member will contact the requesting instructional materials vendor to make arrangements for the display and/or presentation.
    4. Vendor presentations to campus staff must be done during conference/planning periods or after school.  Presentations may be repeated if necessary.
    5. Vendors may pick up their instructional materials after the display/presentation window.  Pick up must be coordinated with a campus Subcommittee member.

    Please contact Rick Jenkins at rick.jenkins@eisd.net, (210) 444-8110 ext 1052 if you have any questions about the Edgewood ISD instructional materials adoption process.