• Welcome Parents and Community Members!
     If you have a desire to learn more about technology, be it learning how to use your tablet or smartphone more effectively, just get together with Mr. Jewell. He's more than willing to help you learn anything he's familiar with and those devices he's not familiar with bring them in and the two of you can learn together!
    One of the first things you need to learn when using a computer is how to hold the mouse and use it to go places and do things. MicrosoftPaint is a good program to use to get started manipulating your mouse; it is also a great drawing program. Ask Mr. Jewell about his "Stained Glass Window" lesson.

    Another handy program online is called Mousing Around. It's a comprehensive program that is available from the Palm Beach Public Library which teaches almost everything you need to know about using your mouse. To just review what you've learned and get a certificate click Mousercising.