Dear Parent:

    During the 80th Legislative Session, Senate Bill 530 was passed to require fitness assessment for all students in grades 3-12. Beginning 2007-2008 and each year following,the Texas Education Agency has identified Fitnessgram as the assessment tool that will be used by all districts throughout the state.

    Edgewood Independent School District’s primary goal is to teach our students the importance of lifelong, healthy habits of physical activity so that they can befit and active adults. We also believethat students who exercise and eat properly are more likely to succeed academically.

    The Fitnessgram assessment program usescriterion-referenced standards to evaluate students on fitness and their physical activity. The Fitnessgram program will assess thestudents in the following components: aerobic capacity, muscle strength,endurance and flexibility, and body composition. While the students’ results will beconfidential, a student report will be available at the parents’ request. Confidentiality will be insured so thatstudents focus on their physical fitness needs as opposed to comparing theresults with other students.

    The student report will help the students, parents, and teachers to establish physical fitness activities to improve their overall health. Let’s work together to improve your child’s fitness.

    You may request a copy of your child’s physical fitness assessment by submitting a letter to the Athletics and Physical Education Department at the end of the year. Please include child’s name, idnumber, date of birth, and grade. In addition, parent’s contact information should be included (name, mailing address and telephone numbers).

    For additional information on the Fitnessgram assessment program, please visit the website www.fitnessgram.net or feel free to ask your child’s physical fitness instructor.


    RobertGomez, Director

    Athletics and Physical Education